Hello all, and welcome to the Official Penpal Page. As you can already tell, my site is not up. There was a small glitch in the FC service deleting all of my files.

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  • I have now begun to rebuild my homepage. I have MOST of the female categories up now, I will start with the male categories tomorrow. Soon this site will be finished :) Thanks for your patience.......webmaster The StarNet's "Anony-Mailer"

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    What is the Anony-Mailer?

    The "Anony-Mailer" is a program that allows you to send e-mail to anyone on the internet, from anyone. This program is especially helpful for people who do no yet have an e-mail address. (However, without an e-mail address, you cannot receive a reply) If you would like to have your own e-mail box that will allow you to send e-mail and receive a reply, check out these helpful sites: Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Rocketmail, & Mailcity. If you have an existing e-mail address and place it in the appropriate box, you can receive a reply.

    How else can this program be used?

    The "Anony-Mailer" can also be used for humorous purposes as well- try sending your friend an e-mail from Bill Clinton at the White House (president@whitehouse.gov), or from their favorite celebrity! I'm sure you can come up with countless creative & exciting ideas.

    Are there any limitations?

    YES. You may NOT use this for any illegal activities or threats of any kind, otherwise I will be forced to remove this page for legal reasons as well as peace-of-mind. I had to custom make this program, as other mailers out there are being shut down because of misuse. By using this program, you agree to accept all responsibility for any problems arising due to any and all e-mail you send. Please use good judgment!

    Person To:

    Person From:

    Address From:

    E-Mail Subject:

    E-Mail Message:

    Questions? Comments? Unique "Anony-Mailer" ideas?
    I want to hear from you! E-mail me at: StarNet@starmail.com



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